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31 Obruchev St., Moscow, 117246
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    Moscow plant for special alloys processing

    Rich experience, unique laboratory and analytical base, qualified personnel made it possible to establish and launch modern jewellery production at the plant in the mid-90s.
    The plant has its own production base of the last generation, providing a full cycle of jewellery production of all assortment groups.
    Jewellers of the plant are sincerely enthusiastic about their work. We offer jewelry with a variety of design solutions and forms that emphasize the inner freedom and aspiration for beauty.
    The product assortment produced by the plant offers a wide choice of chains, bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants of 585 and 750 hallmark gold of any colour with inlays of cubic zirconia, natural precious and semiprecious stones.
    But to really appreciate a variety of choices you can only by visiting our showrooms, where you can see all beautiful pieces with amazing quality, variety of precious materials and fashionable European design in a comfortable atmosphere and not in a hurry!
    We will ensure that your wishes are realized in a variety of options offered, and help you make the right choice!
    Choosing MZSS JSC is choosing high-quality and modern products meeting the highest world standards!

    Our showrooms:

    MZSS JSC, Kaluzhskaya metro station, 31 Obruchev St., tel.: +7(499)793-58-07
    Spectr Shopping and Entertainment Center, Tyoply Stan metro station, 1 Novoyasenevskiy Ave., 1st floor, tel.: +7(499)550-17-01
    Filion Shopping Center, Fili metro station, 5 Bagrationovskiy proezd, 2nd floor, place B31, tel.: +7(499) 121-30-38
    17 Krasnodarskaya St., Anapa, tel.: +7(86133)32560

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